LTL is an abbreviation for Less Than Truckload and refers to shipments between 100 to 20000 pounds in weight. If the items to be shipped are too large for local parceling purposes, freight is an affordable alternative. You can leverage services of freight forwarding companies to transport bulk items quickly without raising costs too much.

Secure and proper packaging of items is critical. This avoids damage. Make sure to crate, package, secure and stack freight items and secure these with shrink-wrap, banding or adhesive. Place labels on all freight pieces. If the items are not packaged properly, it can negate or decrease any liabilities the freight forwarding companies have when it comes to loss or damage claims.

There is no guarantee on freight transit periods unless this is specifically provided within the freight quote when you booked the shipping rates. Delivery times are merely approximates and though reliable offer no guarantee. These time periods start one day after the freight pickup.

You can contact us at __ at our customer service division and fax us the copy of the bill. This can happen if the BOL provided by us has not been used during pickup. This causes double booking and a subsequent rate change. Our brokers will handle all associated paperwork and credit the charges as applicable once we are notified.

Once you get a freight quote, the commodity type, dimensions, weight, delivery and pickup locations as well as distance will impact the cost of freight delivery. To avoid changes in rates make sure information furnished during booking is accurate and complete. Be honest about weight, size and contents of the freight shipment.

Our broker department manages international, truckload as well as specialty freight shipments. We also handle auto, tradeshow shipping as well as motorcycle shipping, barge, rail, white glove and furniture shipping. Irrespective of your unique freight shipment requirements, we find you the most affordable solution possible. We provide excellent freight shipment solutions. We provide you the best combination of value, pricing and service.