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At FPS Global Group, we recognize the growing importance of air freight as a vital element in the supply chain. As globalization progresses, many industries have adjusted their traditional distribution models to accommodate the increased volume of products requiring express shipping services. This adaptation is crucial to ensure the smooth operation of automated production lines and to keep centralized distribution centres well-stocked with essential components.

Moreover, air freight has empowered small and medium-sized manufacturers by granting them access to global markets and enabling them to compete with larger competitors. These manufacturers can obtain crucial parts and products through rapid delivery, allowing them to quickly and efficiently fulfil orders. FPS Global Group is the intelligent choice when transporting high-value, time-sensitive cargo.

FPS's Closed Network Air Freight Solutions

Our dedicated air freight division is fully prepared to assist you by developing cost-effective solutions that meet your expedited shipping needs. Leveraging our extensive knowledge of international and domestic flights, we provide a secure and well-calculated end-to-end solution, utilizing the most direct routing possible. Our strength lies in the visibility and flexibility of our business model, combined with our "closed network" capabilities. It ensures safe and secure air freight shipping with a single point of contact for all modes of transport and customs clearance. From cargo pick-up and customs clearance to trans-loading and final mile delivery, FPS Global Group handles it all within our reliable network. Additionally, enjoy the convenience of single invoice billing and utilize our state-of-the-art system technology for real-time cargo tracking and tracing.

The air freight solutions offered by FPS Global Group cater to industries with integrated production, including the automotive and electronics sectors. Our key vertical portfolio provides a 360-degree view of your supply chain, perfectly aligned with your requirements. Through our extensive global network, we have cultivated strong partnerships with major commercial and cargo airlines and independent niche carriers. It allows us to offer competitive pricing and ensure sufficient space allotments for your cargo's timely and efficient movement.

Additional Air Freight Services

In addition to our comprehensive air freight solutions, FPS Global Group offers a range of specialized services to enhance your shipping experience further:

Express Shipping Solutions

We specialize in optimizing shipping times by utilizing the most efficient routes available. Our strategic planning and calculated approach ensure speedy deliveries.

Dedicated Cargo Charters

When you need expedited and exclusive shipping services, we offer flexible flight schedules and customized destinations to accommodate all types of cargo.

Sea-Air Freight

Experience the benefits of cost-effective ocean transport and the time-saving advantages of air transport. Our hybrid mode of shipping provides the best of both worlds.

Aircraft Ground Handling

Tailored specifically for the aerospace industry, our comprehensive service covers door-to-door, counter-to-counter, or airside transportation with round-the-clock monitoring.

On-Board Couriers

Our fastest service guarantees delivery within 24 hours to any location worldwide. With strict security measures and meticulous procedures, we ensure each shipment's safe and reliable delivery.

Choose FPS Global Group for Your Air Freight Needs

FPS Global Group stands out as a reliable and experienced partner regarding air freight services. We provide tailored solutions that optimize efficiency and cost-effectiveness for your supply chain. Our closed-network freight capabilities and strong relationships with leading airlines enable us to deliver secure and timely solutions that meet your unique requirements. Trust us to handle your air freight needs and experience the advantage of our comprehensive services. Contact FPS Global Group today to discuss your specific air freight requirements.

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