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FPS Global Group takes great pride in offering unparalleled ocean freight services that enable our customers to connect with the world. Through optimised routings and flexible fixed-day sailings, we ensure efficient and reliable transportation of your cargo to its destination. Our extensive network of global partners allows us to provide direct and seamless ocean solutions, minimising vessel transhipment and reducing transit time. We protect your business from unnecessary costs by mitigating delays and potential damages.

With FPS Global Group, you can rely on our experienced team to navigate the intricate waters of containerised ocean cargo. Our ocean experts bring years of experience from supply chain and carrier perspectives, empowering us to provide comprehensive knowledge and in-depth product understanding to our valued customers.

Moving your Ocean Freight is The True Value of a Rate

Given the fluctuating activity rate, maintaining competitiveness is a top priority in an ever-changing market. Unlike the traditional monthly or quarterly offerings, rates now have shorter validity periods, often spanning only a few days. It necessitates securing space and equipment commitments to optimise your supply chain. FPS Global Group's carrier rate negotiations always encompass allocation and equipment agreements. We understand the challenges faced by the ocean industry, and we proactively plan for the unknown challenges of the future.

FPS Ocean Freight Services:
FCL (Full Container Load) CARGO

Our FCL services ensure secure and reliable transportation of your cargo using dedicated containers, safeguarding its integrity throughout the journey.

LCL (Less than Container Load) CARGO

Optimise your supply chain and reduce shipping expenses with our cost-effective LCL services. Irrespective of shipment size, we offer reliable consolidation and transportation options for your cargo.

Reefer & Perishable Cargo

Our specialised division handles reefer and perishable cargo with utmost care and expertise. Our temperature-controlled environments preserve the quality and freshness of your sensitive goods throughout transit.

Break Bulk Cargo

Our break bulk services ensure secure handling and transportation for oversized or non-containerised cargo. We possess the necessary equipment, expertise, and global network to fulfil your unique project cargo requirements.

Oversized Cargo

Leverage our extensive experience handling oversized cargo as we offer tailored solutions for transporting large and heavy shipments. We coordinate logistics, permits, and specialised equipment to ensure secure and efficient delivery of your oversized cargo.

Choose FPS Global Group for Your Ocean Freight Needs

Choose FPS Global Group for all your ocean freight needs and experience the reliability, efficiency, and expertise that our comprehensive services provide. Contact our team today, and let us guide you through the complexities of ocean cargo, ensuring the timely and secure delivery of your goods worldwide.

FPS Global Complete Logistics Solutions

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    Combination of processes that efficiently move goods through the fulfillment process.

  • Distribution


    Use of Technology to reshaped the supply chain and reducing costs and errors.

  • Distribution


    It easier to receive, store and distribute the goods as all the goods are stored in a central location.

  • Distribution

    Human Resource

    Our teams are made up of employees who understand the company they work with and the value.

  • Distribution


    A systems rapidly & efficiently connect all the areas used for the receipt of goods, production.

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