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FPS Global Group's Customs Brokerage Division is a comprehensive and multi-service organization dedicated to facilitating the smooth delivery of internationally purchased goods across India, Australia, and American borders. With strategically owned and operated locations at major border crossings and business hubs in these countries, we take charge of the clearance and entry process on your behalf, relieving you from the stress of directly dealing with customs officers. As each country operates under unique rules and regulations, it is crucial to partner with an experienced and trustworthy customs broker who has your best interests at heart.

Keeping pace with the constantly evolving duty and tax structures, our certified team of customs specialists at FPS Global Group remains updated and educated to ensure accurate classification, quick clearance, and compliance with international security and customs requirements specific to India, Australia, and America. We adhere to full EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) compliance in these countries, transmitting customs documentation well before cargo arrival at the point of entry. This proactive approach ensures trouble-free clearance and the seamless movement of cargo through the entire supply chain.

Find a Wide Range of Customs Brokerage Services
Indian / Australian / American Customs Clearance

We handle the complete customs clearance process, ensuring efficient and timely import and export transactions.

Services for Importers from Outside the Country

If you are a non-resident importer, we provide specialized services to simplify your customs procedures and compliance requirements.

Permits for Temporary Admission

We assist with temporary admission permits, enabling the temporary importation of goods for specific purposes, such as exhibitions, events, or repairs.

Personal Goods Handling

Our team simplifies the customs clearance process for personal goods, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

RIV Entry Processing

We handle the required RIV (Registrar of Imported Vehicles) entries for importing vehicles into India, Australia, or America.

Consulting for Tradeshow Clearance

We offer expert consulting services to navigate the complexities of customs clearance for tradeshow exhibits and materials.

Tariff Classification Services

Our specialists ensure accurate tariff classification of goods, minimizing non-compliance risk and potential penalties.

Voluntary Disclosure Support

In case of unintentional non-compliance, we prepare voluntary disclosures to rectify the situation promptly and transparently.

Post Entry Audit Assistance

We provide support during post-entry audits, ensuring compliance with customs regulations and facilitating smooth audits.

Certification of Origin

Our experts assist in obtaining the necessary origin certifications, such as the Certificates of Origin, to qualify for preferential trade agreements.

Duty Drawbacks and Recovery Assistance

We help you identify and recover duty drawbacks, ensuring you receive the maximum benefits.

Compliance Reviews

Our team reviews compliance to ensure your customs procedures align with the ever-changing regulations.

Customs Rulings and Appeals

We provide guidance and assistance in appealing decisions in case of disputes or disagreements with customs rulings.

Support for Customs Audits

We offer expert support and guidance throughout the customs audit process, helping you navigate audits smoothly.

Temporary Bond Services

We facilitate the necessary arrangements to ensure compliance if temporary importation requires a bond.

ABI Certified Customs Link for Electronic Filing

With our ABI (Automated Broker Interface) certification, we electronically file customs documents, streamlining the customs clearance process.

Simplify Your Trade Operations With FPS

At FPS Global Group's Customs Brokerage Division, we are committed to simplifying your international trade operations in India, Australia, and America. Our dedicated team of experts is ready to navigate the complexities of customs regulations, ensuring your goods cross borders seamlessly and efficiently. Partner with us for a smooth and compliant customs experience.

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