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Ground Transportation

Ground transportation is crucial in facilitating the movement of goods across India, Australia, and American borders. With new agreements and trade partnerships emerging, selecting the right road freight carrier becomes vital due to the accompanying opportunities and challenges. Businesses require a dependable partner with a proven track record in ground transportation deliveries. FPS Global Group offers top-notch road freight services in India, Australia, and America. Our extensive delivery network, advanced technology, and exceptional customer service ensure increased flexibility and reliability.

Our team at FPS Global Group consists of asset-based and dedicated partners who provide comprehensive services to and from rural and urban locations accessible through our expansive network. We offer a wide range of road freight services, including but not limited to:

  • Cross-Border: Service points connecting India, Australia, and America.
  • Domestic shipments within India, Australia, and America.
  • LTL/FTL (Less-than-Truckload/Full Truckload) transportation services.
  • Heavy Haulage: Flatbed, Step Deck, and Dump Truck services.
  • Expedited Direct Delivery Service.
  • Drayage and Transloading Services.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Warehousing Capabilities and Bonded Warehousing.
  • Physical Locations in India, Australia, and America.
  • In-house Customs Clearance.
  • 24/7 Availability.
  • Customizable Delivery Timeframes.

Ensuring the safety and security of your cargo is of utmost importance to us at FPS Global Group. We have implemented a stringent vetting policy that guarantees peace of mind for every shipment. Our asset-supported and dedicated partners undergo thorough reviews of their safety practices and procedures, providing proof of insurance and associated coverages. Additionally, we engage in customs and border security programs, utilizing state-of-the-art technology to facilitate the seamless transmission of shipment data.

Value Added Services
Transportation Management System (TMS)

We understand the value of investing in the right technologies to provide our customers with consistency, reliability, and ease of business. That's why FPS Global Group has developed a Transportation Management System (TMS) that enables seamless transactions across all divisions. Key features of our TMS system include:

  • Consolidated track and trace system.
  • Customizable dashboard for improved shipment visibility and updates.
  • Upgraded interface communication.
  • Collaborative data reporting.
  • Automated push reports with personalised design.
  • Unified audit and payment modules.
  • Improved rate quotation format and faster response time.
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

We offer advanced Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) systems to simplify shipping. This technology allows us to send and receive customized documentation, expediting shipments, minimizing human intervention, reducing billing errors, and cutting down on paperwork.

Your Trusted Ground Transportation Partner

Choose FPS Global Group as your trusted ground transportation partner in India, Australia, and America. Our experience, reliability, and customer satisfaction commitment make us the ideal choice for all your road freight needs. Contact us today to discuss your transportation requirements and discover the advantages of partnering with FPS Global Group.

FPS Global Complete Logistics Solutions

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    Combination of processes that efficiently move goods through the fulfillment process.

  • Distribution


    Use of Technology to reshaped the supply chain and reducing costs and errors.

  • Distribution


    It easier to receive, store and distribute the goods as all the goods are stored in a central location.

  • Distribution

    Human Resource

    Our teams are made up of employees who understand the company they work with and the value.

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    A systems rapidly & efficiently connect all the areas used for the receipt of goods, production.

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